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How You Can Maintain Your Health While Working From Home. by Iris Mullins

How You Can Maintain Your Health While Working From Home 


If you struggle to eat well and maintain your health as a remote worker, you’re not alone. Many of us have trouble picking and choosing healthy foods and activities in the middle of our hectic workdays. Today, California Avocados Direct offers tips and advice on how you can improve your daily habits and live a healthier life. 

Why We Struggle 


Registered dietitian Toby Amidor tells The Food Network that there are many reasons that remote work can impact your diet and activity levels negatively. He claims that a non-existent eating schedule, inadvertent splurges, stress, grazing, and a lack of healthy food in the home all contribute to the problem. And when it comes to physical activity, you’re not driving by a fitness center each day to remind you to strap on your sneakers. 

Easy Ways to Eat Well 


Sure, it’s much easier to grab one of the kids’ Lunchables from the fridge, but those don’t have anywhere near enough calories or nutrition to keep a fully grown adult fueled throughout the day. To bypass the “easy” road, you’ll need to make sure you have healthy snacks handy, bring the right foods in, and learn to meal prep. 

Healthy Snacking  


For many of us, the first things we reach for when we feel an empty spot in our stomachs are a soda and a bag of chips. Instead, make sure your refrigerator and pantry are stocked with nutrient-rich options, such as fruits and vegetables or nuts. Swap your sodas with fruit-infused water for a sweet treat that won’t have a negative impact on your oral health. This is just one of the small but healthy choices you can make each day that will add up to big benefits in the long run.  

A New Shopping List 


In addition to having fruits and vegetables to snack on, you’ll also want to stay stocked up on foods that help you make wiser choices. Avocados are a great option, and you can even have them delivered to your home each month with a subscription from California Avocados Direct. These fruits contain an array of nutrients, including healthy unsaturated fats, vitamin C, and niacin. Plus, they taste great on toast or whipped up with a bit of sugar and cream for a healthier ice cream alternative. 

Meal Prep 


Meal prep is not just for your children’s lunch boxes each night. Make a point to “pack” yourself something healthy to break your midday energy loss. The Kitchn blog shares many simple make-ahead lunches, including jarred salads, wraps, and (for the indulgent days) calzones. 


Other Healthy Eating Tips 


  • Eat breakfast every morning. Florida Dairy Farmers explains that eating can improve your concentration since you won’t be distracted by hunger. This does not mean that you have to eat the moment you get up, but don’t hold off breakfast because you think it’s too close to lunch. 


  • Drink plenty of water. If you frequently feel hungry and think you need a snack, grab a glass of water first. Sometimes, your body mistakes thirst for hunger, and hydrating yourself may eliminate this feeling. As an added bonus, staying hydrated will keep you from consuming as many empty calories. 


  • Step away from your desk for lunch. When you work from home, it’s easy just to grab a plate and run back to your office. But this can leave you overeating since you’ll be focusing on anything other than what’s actually going into your body. Give yourself at least a 20-to-30-minute break so that you can eat intentionally. 


As a remote worker, you’ll face many challenges when it comes to getting into a healthy-eating groove. Today’s tips, including keeping healthy snacks handy, learning how to meal prep, and stepping away from your desk for your lunch time are small but impactful choices. Each can help you establish and maintain a healthy eating and activity routine so that you can maintain focus and concentration on the tasks at hand.

by: Iris Mullens,