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All about the quest for the perfect avocado. A chat with Mimi Avocado.

GROUNDED BY THE FARM Podcast with host Janice Person
A chat with Mimi Avocado

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Selling Produce Direct

The family started a business called California Avocados Direct several years ago and it has found a real niche for itself.  I’ve ordered several times over the years and recording and editing this episode certainly made me crave the perfect avocado so I have a box on my table now!

Because they have so many different varieties, and different varieties are ready at different times of year, they have subscribers who get boxes monthly. I hadn’t realized the fit avocados have for people with celiac disease or vegans/vegetarians using them as a staple in diets. But those groups alongside avocado enthusiasts like me love getting the best flavor possible. And really…. the team picked & boxed avocados for me on Monday and they made it from Southern California to my front porch in St. Louis Wednesday by lunchtime!

Janice Person